Park Hae Jin Denies He’s The Actor In His 40s Who Got Arrested For Drug Use

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Park Hae Jin’s side has stepped up to deny the rumors that he’s the actor in his 40s who was arrested recently for drug use.

On September 10, news outlets reported that a known Korean actor was urgently arrested at his home on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act.

According to police reports, they were dispatched after receiving a report of a suspicious man who looked like they were drunk/high on drugs running around. ‘A’ showed unstable words and actions and had foaming marks around their mouth. The police will launch an investigation into how ‘A’ obtained the drugs. He reportedly tested positive for drugs via urine test.

Netizens have been attempting to find the name of the actor in question and Park Hae Jin’s name fit the description given by the news outlets that broke the news. He made his debut in 2006.

What made the rumors spread faster was the disappearance of his Instagram account. However, fans came to his defense to explain that the Instagram account he had been using has been gone for a while now. He had recently moved agencies.

In response to the rumors, Park Hae Jin’s side completely denied them, they wrote, “Recently, through online communities and SNS, we have confirmed that false information that actor Park Hae Jin, in relation to a male actor in his 40s who was arrested for drug use, are being spread recklessly.”

They added, “This is clearly a false rumor, and Park Hae Jin is unrelated to this case.” They also warned that if such rumors continue to spread, they will take strict legal action.

Previously, Lee Moo Saeng’s name was also mentioned. His agency has also denied the rumors ever since.

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