Park Eun Bin Explains How Her Introverted Personality Helped Her Acting Career And More In Recent Interview

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Park Eun Bin has explained the reason behind how she keeps acting continuously and more in the interview with Vogue Korea.

Park Eun Bin completed a pictorial for the November issue of the fashion magazine Vogue Korea.

Under the theme of “pink persona,” this pictorial captures Park Eun Bin’s colorful mood. She attracted attention with her unique style, including various pink items and intense red lips.

In an interview conducted alongside the pictorial, when Park Eun Bin was asked why she has been acting steadily, she said,

When I was young, I kept thinking about whether becoming an actor would fit me.
There were a lot of talented and sociable actors in the industry. I knew that I wasn’t like them. However, gradually, the belief that introverts like me can cause greater explosive power has been firmly built up, and I wonder if my personality has helped me to steadily continue my work. I think the reason why I didn’t burn up early and turn into ashes that crumbles down was due to my personality’s potential for constant burning resistance.”

Also, when asked about moments that felt valuable and beautiful, she shared about her first recent fan meeting while thanking her fans, she said,

The energy of the people who look at me with loving eyes made me happy. I thought that I can’t always have their hearts, but at least I hope to become an actor that they are not ashamed of.”

Meanwhile, Park Eun Bin will meet fans from all over the world through the first Asian fan meeting tour “2022 PARK EUN-BIN Asia Fan Meeting Tour, starting in Manila, Philippines on October 23.

What do you think about her new look for this pictorial?

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