Park Eun Bin Confirmed To Lead Upcoming Drama By “Big Mouse” Director And “Pinocchio” Writer

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Actress Park Eun Bin has finally confirmed appearance in next work after her hit drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

On February 9, Kakao Entertainment announced that Park Eun Bin will appear in the new drama “Diva On The Uninhabited Island.”

“Diva On The Uninhabited Island” is an emotional drama about Seo Mok Ha, a girl who was stuck on a deserted island and challenges herself again after getting rescued after 15 years of being stuck on the island in order to give an audition to fulfill her dream of becoming a diva.

Director Oh Choong Hwan, who is recognized for his unique and sensuous directing with works such as “Big Mouse” and “Hotel Del Luna,” will direct the drama, and Park Hye Ryeon, who has drawn emotional and heartwarming stories with dramas such as “Pinocchio,” will write it. In particular, the two are drawing attention since they are working together once again after hits such as “While You Were Sleeping” and “Startup.”

In the drama, Park Eun Bin plays the role of Seo Mok Ha, a character who was born on an Island and never loses her smile and hope despite the harsh reality. Mok Ha is a character who takes a step towards her dream of becoming a singer, making the day more precious and joyful than anyone else in a strange world and with people facing her after she was rescued from the deserted island for the first time in 15 years.

Park Eun Bin, who continues the “Park Eun Bin syndrome” with her dramas “The King’s Affection” and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” is expected to prove her presence once again with her irreplaceable acting skills and changeable charm through her unique character.

Park Eun Bin confirmed the news, saying, “I will prepare well and come back well with Mok Ha.”

Meanwhile, “Diva On The Uninhabited Island” is scheduled to start filming in the first half of this year.

Are you excited to see her again in a new unique role?

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