Park Bo Gum Shares His Goals For 2023 In Newly Released Interview

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Actor Park Bo Gum has announced his goals for the new year in an interview.

Park Bo Gum recently adorned the cover of a fashion magazine. The cover and pictorial followed the concept of “Park Bo Gum in the Spotlight,” which captures his hidden chic and sexy charms. His moist wet hair, sparkling boomer jacket, tight black jeans, and ankle boots aligned with his look which is 180 degrees different from the soft image fans often encounter when seeing him. Other cover showcases pose like dancing in a python print long coat, which makes him seem as a professional model.

The photoshoot followed right after the MAMA schedule in Japan. Nevertheless, it is rumored that he worked passionately without showing signs of tiredness throughout the long filming and received applause from the staff. In addition, it is said that he did not need any direction from the editor because he was fully familiar with the concept of the pictorial and came prepared.

In an interview that followed the photo shoot, Park Bo Gum expressed his goals for the new year, saying,

“I want to live not too fast or slow so that I can make every small moment mine that sometimes might get missed and feel and accept these small moments. Isn’t there a musical term called “adagio”?  Just like that Slowly, calmly. I think this is my life’s speed these days. If 2022 was the year of running, I hope 2023 will be a year of challenges. There is a saying among viewers called, ‘Actor to trust and watch,’ and I also want to hear from the viewers, ‘The works having Park Bo Gm is definitely fun. Let’s trust him and see.’”

Doesn’t he look charismatic in this new look?

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