Park Bo Gum Finally Confirmed For His Drama Comeback, Park So Dam Is His Leading Lady

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Actor Park Bo Gum has finally confirmed for his drama comeback for 2020 and fans are super excited!

Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, and Byun Woo Seok are confirmed to star in the upcoming tvN drama “Record of Youth.” This comes after it was previously reported that the three actors were positively considering offers in “Record of Youth.” tvN also explained in their statement that they will begin filming as soon as the casting is complete.

“Record of Youth” will tell the story of the growth of young people in the modeling industry. It will be helmed by PD Ahn Gil Ho of “Forest of Secrets,” “Memories of the Alhambra,” and “Watcher,” and screenwriter Ha Myung Hee of “Doctors,” “High Society,” and “Degree of Love.”

There is no time slot set as of yet, but the drama is in talks to air in the Monday-Tuesday time slot some time in the middle of 2020, but that could also change in the future.

Are you excited about the upcoming drama?

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My Personal Thoughts

I have watched both Park So Dam and Park Bo Gum grow from unknown actors to what they’ve become today. Park So Dam chooses better movie projects than drama projects, her last drama “Cinderella and the Four Knights” was utterly disappointing and cringy, I wondered why an actress as good as her would choose such a project when she works on excellent movie scripts.

I guess back then, she wanted to capture the youth’s attention, she’s not very known within the international young kdrama community since she works on movies mostly. Her last role in the amazing movie “Parasite” probably gave her the luxury to pick and choose whatever project she likes, I have high expectations of this drama.

Park Bo Gum choices are a hit or a miss for me but I really enjoy seeing him on screen.

The writer behind this drama has works I like and some I found boring, Ha Myung Hee worked on “Doctors,” but also worked on the boring drama “Degree of Love,” Ha Myung Hee can write compelling ideas but it does get boring fast.

PD Ahn Gil Ho is an amazing PD so the combination of them all should be quite interesting. I am excited but a bit anxious mostly because of the writer who has a history of ‘basic scripts’ that don’t add much, I hope she has a better idea this time, at least something that isn’t so basic and repetitive. I would be utterly disappointed if it’ll go the direction I am thinking of.

She could make this drama one of the best of 2020 but she needs to work hard on the script not become just another drama with popular leads. There are so many possibilities with the ‘modeling industry.’

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