Park Bo Gum Gains Praise After A Post Written By His Former Classmate Who Was Bullied By Others Resurfaces

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The past story of actor Park Bo Gum dealing with a victim of school violence is being resurfaced.

Recently, past articles related to Park Bo Gum were posted on various online communities and blogs. Titles such as ‘Park Bo Gum ‘exposed’ by a victim of school violence’ contain information about him in the past.

The post contained the contents of netizen A, who said that he was the actor’s classmate and expressed his gratitude to him. In relation to this post, it was reportedly revealed via SNS comments in September 2017.

Mr. A said that he was in the same class as Park Bo Gum in the first year of Mokdong Middle School. He claimed to be a victim of school violence, saying, “At that time, I was bullied in class, and I was openly bullied.”

Mr. A said, “You were the only one who were friends with me.” He also said, “I still remember that time. I was really grateful. To you. I remember that you met and recognized me while passing by when I was in high school. I was really thankful to you at that time.”

Along with this, they said, “You are a good person. I believe in you. Just as you were the only one who never bullied me. Even if people in the world curse at me, I will always be on your side.”

Then, “The umbrella you put on me on a rainy day at Central Plaza may be nothing, but I will never forget it. Thank you. I really wanted to say this. And I will always be by your side when you are having a hard time. Thank you really.” he added.

This content was posted on some online communities last year and attracted attention. At the time, many netizens commented on Park Bo Gum’s kind personality.

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum recently signed a management contract with The Black Label. He will continue to be active in his new agency.


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