Despite Its Star-Studded Cast, “Our Blues” Drops To Its Lowest Ratings To Date, Why?

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Our Blues” has dropped to its lowest ratings to date!

According to Nielsen Korea, the April 23 broadcast of “Our Blues” recorded an average nationwide rating of 7.1%, its lowest to date.

The drama’s previous lowest rating was its premiere rating of 7.3%. And last week, the drama shot to the 9% rating range with its 4th episode, a personal best for the drama at the time.

But why is “Our Blues” fluctuating despite its star-studded cast?

Some fans theorize its because of the slow-paced plot, others think its because the writing is not as engaging as they thought. Despite that, many others continue to enjoy the drama and its been a hot topic of discussion internationally too.

Despite the fact that “Our Blues” ratings have seen a decline, 7% is still very good for a cable channel drama.

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