Ong Seong Wu Announces His Military Enlistment Date

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Singer and actor Ong Seong Wu is enlisting in the military.

On March 16th, Fantagio announced, “Ong Seong Wu will enlist as an active duty soldier on April 17th.”

Ong Seong Wu debuted as a member of the group Wanna One in 2017 and worked as a solo singer and actor at the same time. He is about to release his next works, such as JTBC’s “Strong Woman Gang Nam Soon” and the films “Jeongga’s Ranch” and “Starlight Falls”. 

Below is the statement by Fantagio:


This is Fantagio.

Artist Ong Seong Wu will receive basic military training at the training center on April 17 and will fulfill his military duty as an active-duty soldier.

Please note that the entrance ceremony to the recruit training center is private and no official event will be held, so please refrain from visiting to minimize congestion on the day of enlistment.

We ask for warm support and love for Ong Seong Wu, who will faithfully fulfill his military duty and return in good health.

Thank you.

Wishing him a safe service!


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