“One Dollar Lawyer” Episode 10 Air Date Pushed Back, Here Is When It’ll Air Instead

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One Dollar Lawyer” Episode 10 is not airing today as expected, here is why and when it’ll air instead.

Last week SBS announced major news in regard to its hit drama “One Dollar Lawyer.” The first being that its 9th episode would not air on Friday but Saturday. This meant that The Saturday episode was episode 9.

SBS also announced that the 10th episode has been delayed to next week but won’t air on Friday either. “One Dollar Lawyer” is also set to end with 12 episodes instead of 14, thus, the decision was made to have episode 10 air this week only while episode 11 and 12 air in the first week of November.

why is “One Dollar Lawyer” Episode 10 not airing today?

Due to a baseball game, the 10th episode has been delayed.

When will “One Dollar Lawyer” Episode 10 air?

As a result, “One Dollar Lawyer” Episode 10 will air on October 29 at 10:00 p.m. KST.

Are you currently watching “One Dollar Lawyer”? Are you excited about episode 10?

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