Krystal Jung Not Returning For Season 2 Of OCN’s “Player”, Oh Yeon Seo In Talks For The Main Role

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Oh Yeon Seo has been offered the main role in “The Player 2” replacing Krystal, who played an active role in Season 1 of “The Player”.

On January 27th, the agency Story J Company told TV Report, “Actress Oh Yeon Seo received an offer to appear in “Player 2” and is reviewing it. She has been offered the role of Jeong Su Min. It is difficult to comment on the proposed role because nothing has been decided yet.”

The drama “The Player 2” is an action drama in which the best players in each field, such as scammers, hackers, fighters, and drivers, come together to find and steal dirty money illegally collected by the rich.

In the last season, actors Song Seung Heon, Lee Si Eon, Krystal, and Tae Won Seok appeared in the lead roles and received a lot of love for their thrilling chemistry and action.

However, Krystal, who was active in the previous season, will not appear. On this day, an official from H&Enter, Krystal’s agency, told a TV report, “Krystal will not appear in ‘Player 2’.”

In last season 1, Krystal showed off her ‘girl crush’ side by appearing as the best driver with tough driving skills despite her delicate appearance.

“Player 2” is scheduled to begin filming in the first half of the year.


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