Disney+ Unveils Captivating Official Poster And Teaser Trailer Of Kim Young Kwang And Lee Sung Kyung’s Upcoming Drama “Call It Love”

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Disney+’s original series “Call It Love” released the official poster and teaser trailer showcasing the chemistry between Kim Young Kwang and Lee Sung Kyung.

On February 9, Disney+ released the official poster and trailer of highly anticipated drama “Call It Love.”

“Call It Love” is an emotional romance between a woman Lee Sung Kyung, who bravely jumped into revenge, and a man, Kim Young Kwang, who became the target of revenge; a man and a woman who should never have met. It will be released on Disney+ on February 22nd.

The main poster released catches everyone’s attention with a visual that stimulates sentimental emotions. Dong Jin (Kim Young Kwang) and Woo Joo (Lee Sung Kyung) who look at each other with moist eyes creating a romantic atmosphere for the viewers and giving them a feeling of excitement. The combination of the photo of them who convey deep emotions just by looking at each other along with the phrase “What I want is your misfortune,” amplifies curiosity about the relationship between the two, which is woven as revenge, and the unpredictable development of the romance between the two.

The released main trailer stimulates curiosity by starting with the sharp tone of the Woo Joo and suppressing emotions. It raises questions about what kind of story is hidden by Woo Joo, who vitriols at Dong Jin’s mother, saying, “You look good, like a person who forgot everything in the past and lived a relaxed life.”

In particular, everyone’s attention is focused on the special story that will be shown, even when Woo Joo, who decided to take revenge, is slowly drawn to unknown emotions towards Dong Jin.

Check out the trailer below!

“Call It Love” will be directed by Lee Kwang Young, who is widely sympathized with and supported by the public for his in-depth storytelling and delicate directing that melts reality well and will contain a special story that anyone who has experienced love can immerse and sympathize with.

In addition, it is drawing attention as a romance that will fascinate everyone this spring, providing richer fun, including ex-girlfriend Min Young (An Hee Yeon), who left Woo Joo after saying goodbye to her friends Yoon Joon (Sung Joon) and Dong Jin with a wedding invitation, and her older sister Hye Sung (Kim Ye Won), who is more honest with her feelings.

Meanwhile, “Call It Love” will be released only on Disney+ on February 22.

Are you excited for this drama?

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