Noh Hong Chul Gives An Update About His Condition After His Recent Motorcycle Accident

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Broadcaster Noh Hong Chul has reported his health condition after the motorcycle accident.

Noh Hong Chul posted a photo on Instagram on February 19th, saying, “Thank you and I’m sorry, but every person I see still worries about the accident,” adding, “It’s really okay. Now I finished filming in Jeju Island and am in good spirits.”

“The results of the comprehensive examination are also completely fine except for obesity. The scar has improved quite a bit,” he said. “Always be careful. Be careful of cars, and people, always be careful.”

The photo shows Noh Hong Chul, who wrapped the wound in a bandage. His eyes are black and blue. Earlier, Noh Hong Chul had an accident in which he fell while riding a motorcycle on a YouTube entertainment show.

Noh Hong Chul will appear on Netflix’s web entertainment show “Zombie Bus”. It is a zombie universe entertainment show in which one has to survive by carrying out quests in Seoul, which has suddenly turned into a zombie world. He will be joined by Lee Si Young, Park Na Rae, and DinDin. In addition, in March, the MBN entertainment program “The First Time Between Us” starring Lee Kuk Joo and KCM will be broadcast.


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