Due To His Cheating Controversy, “Nevertheless” To Reduce Kim Min Gwi’s Screentime As Much As Possible

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Kim Min Gwi is facing the backlash resulting from his cheating controversy which was revealed a couple of days ago.

Recently, someone who claimed to be his ex-girlfriend of 6 years posted about his cheating habits and how he used to two-time her with another woman, she also claimed he broke covid-19 quarantine rules, however, that has since been denied by both his agency and himself.

Following the post, Kim Min Gwi’s agency released a statement acknowledging that he has, in fact, cheated on his girlfriend, however, they denied that he’s broken the covid-19 protocols and quarantine rules. Later, the actor also posted a handwritten apology letter and stated that he has extended an apology to his ex-girlfriend. Despite his apology and his agency’s apology, his screen time in the popular drama “Nevertheless” will be reduced.

According to a new statement from the JTBC drama, his role will be reduced starting this week’s broadcast. They will also be editing out his scenes as much as possible going forward.

This came as a huge shock to the fans who have been liking his character and the chemistry he’s had with another actress in the drama.

Many fans think they really suit each other and they have great chemistry. It is unknown how much his exclusion from the drama will affect the other actress going forward.

What do you think of the drama’s decision? Do you think his screen time should be reduced or not?

By Hilda Moore

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