Netizen Who Accused Actor Ji Soo Of School Violence Will Not Be Charged With Defamation

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The commenter who accused Ji Soo of school violence in the past was not charged with defamation.

According to the legal community, the prosecution has imposed no charges on the case where the actor sued netizen A for Defamation. Regarding the reason for the non-prosecution, it is accurately stated that the comment written by A cannot be considered false. A confessed to the bullying by sympathizing with the first article regarding Ji Soo’s school violence.

In 2021, Ji Soo was embroiled in bullying controversy through a number of anonymous communities. Then, Ji Soo’s side said, “Ji Soo sued the commenters of school violence-related articles and comments, including the initial disclosure, on charges of defamation for stating false information. According to the court’s recent judgment that the damage suffered by Ji Soo over false accusation and explanation is sufficient, a search warrant has been issued to identify the commenter of the school violence allegation and related investigations are underway.”

The actor has admitted to the bullying accusations made against him but there were also sexual assault allegations circulating around. KeyEast had denied the sexual assault allegations but the damage was already done, many online communities kept spreading the rumors. The actor had also denied them as well.

Ji Soo has since departed KeyEast and hired a law firm to sue the malicious commenters. Ji Soo claims that most of the articles related to school violence are false.

Meanwhile, Ji Soo dropped out from the KBS 2TV drama “River Where The Moon Rises” due to controversy over school violence during the filming of the drama. Ji Soo joined the military in October 2021 and is currently serving as public service worker.

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  1. He is such a good actor. If any lessons are to have been learnt he has. Does that mean he has to pay with the rest of his life. Circumstances that encourage competitiveness can escalate out of hand especially with young impressionable people. Isn’t our youth where we make mistakes to be able to learn and grow not to be scared for life??

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