Netflix Confirms The Premiere Date Of Kim Hee Ae And Moon So Ri’s Upcoming Drama “Queen Maker” With First Official Poster

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Netflix has confirmed the premiere date of “Queen Maker” and released the first teaser poster featuring the main leads Kim Hee Ae and Moon So Ri.

The posters released features Kim Hee Ae (Hwang Do Hee), who is calm and strong, Moon So Ri (Oh Kyung Sook) with strong and challenging eyes, and two people with contrasting auras.

“Queen Maker’” is a work depicting the story of Hwang Do Hee, who is a genius in image making and dominated the strategic planning office of a big company, jumps into the election board to make Oh Kyung Sook, a human rights lawyer who has lived as if she’s unwanted, called for the justice, the mayor of Seoul. Kim Hee Ae, Moon So Ri, Ryu Soo Young, and Seo Yi Sook will appear in the drama, and Moon Ji Young, who wrote “Who Are You” and “I Love Lee Tae Ri,” has written the drama, and Oh Jin Seok, producer of “Love With Flaws’” and “Yong-pal” will direct the drama.

“Queen Maker” has been penned by writer Moon Ji Young since 2018, and it has been titled “Queen Maker,” as it focuses on Hwang Do Hee, who jumped into politics to make the queen of the election, and Oh Kyung Sook is becoming the queen.

Director Oh Jin Seok said, “I wanted to create a work that even those who are not interested in politics can fully enjoy watching the style and acting of each character regardless of genre,” making me curious about the “Queen Maker” who will present a perfect political show with everything carefully calculated.

In the released poster, Hwang Do Hee who is a genius and has worked as a planning officer in the future strategy of the big company Eunsung Group with human rights lawyer Oh Kyung Sook along with the phrase, “Never Die” who are seen joining hands for the Seoul market elections.

Hwang Do Hee, who recognized Oh Kyung Sook’s star quality from her instinctive sense to create dramatic moments and straight-line directing without filtering, leads the scene as the general manager of the camp to make Oh Kyung Sook a queen among candidates who are good at the show business of elections.

Ryu Soo Young plays the role of Baek Jae Min, another Seoul mayoral candidate who says, “The public can sense weak people in performance,” and Seo Yi Sook plays the role of Son Young Sim, the chairman of Eunsung Group, aiming a long gun at Hwang Do Hee, whom he once cared for, and various figures competing fiercely in the election, will show strong performances in the drama.

Meanwhile, “Queen Maker” will be released on Netflix on April 14.

Are you excited for this drama?

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