Netflix Confirms The Release Date For Kim Ok Bin And Yoo Teo’s Upcoming Drama + Unveils Trailer Video 

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Netflix released the trailer for Kim Ok Bin and Yoo Teo’s upcoming drama “Love War”. 

“Love War” is a romantic comedy about a woman who morbidly hates to lose to a man and a man who is morbidly suspicious of women and is healed through war-like love.

In the main trailer released, Kim Ok Bin (Yeo Mi Ran), who is a lawyer by profession, but has mastered martial arts techniques reminiscent of Yang Yang, and Yoo Teo (Nam Kang Ho), a top actor who captivated South Korea who started a contractual relationship for some reason, discovering each other’s strengths and predicting each other’s love.

Kim Ji Hoon (Do Won Joon), the best friend of  Yoo Teo, who realized the limits of his acting ability early and Kim Ok Bin’s reliable best friend Ko Won Hee (Shin Na Eun) is also a face genius and someone who falls in love quickly. It is expected to tickle the hearts of viewers with its cute and lively romance’.

“Love War” is directed by director Kim Jeong Kwon for the drama “Lie After Lie”, the movie “Fool” and “Sympathy”, and written by Choi Soo Young for the dramas “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” and “Old Miss Diary”.

Writer Choi Soo Young realistically portrayed the story of young men and women’s view of the opposite sex, view of love, and view of the life of young men and women living in Korean society today through the two characters falling in love, each of whom had a strong prejudice against the opposite sex. Director Kim Jeong Kwon, who said that the special charm is cheerful and refreshing, explained, “It is a romantic healing comedy where two people meet, hate each other like enemies, and then fall in love and heal.”

“Love War” will be released on Netflix on February 10th.

Check out the trailer for “Love War” Below!


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