Namgoong Min New Drama “Falsify” Snags First Place, “School 2017” Continues To Sink

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Namgoong Min New Drama is doing great, and is gaining new audience, proven by its amazing ratings start.

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According to Nielsen Korea, the new SBS drama “Falsify” rated 10.4% and 12.5% for its 3rd and 4th episode respectively.

While MBC’s “The King Loves” came in second place again and rated 7.0% and 7.2%.

“School 2017” continues to struggle and rates 4.1% which is lower than its Monday episode.

Meanwhile, “Falsify” is about a group of reporters who struggle to reveal the truth that has been trapped by unknown group.

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  1. Falsify is another wonderful drama that Namkoong Min starred in. The messages it delivered about impact of fake news to society really hit home. I must also say Namkoong Min is SO talented! He played at least 8 or 9 COMPLETELY different role 6 years in a row and nailed every and each of them! Why isn’t he even more popular and why didn’t he hit it big much sooner is a mystery! I hope to continue to see more and more great work from this extremely talented and handsome actor for many years to come!

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