Namgoong Min, Kim Ji Eun, Choi Dae Hoon, Lee Deok Hwa And More Confirmed For Upcoming SBS Lawyer Drama

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SBS has unveiled the main cast lineup for its upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “1000 Won Lawyer” (literal title).

“1000 Won Lawyer” tells the story of a troublemaker lawyer Cheon Ji Hoon who is extremely skilled but only charges 1000 won ($0.78) as his attorney’s fee. The story will focus on Cheon Ji Hoon as he faces against the rich who escape the law and their lawyers who charge expensive fees.

This will be Namgoong Min’s first SBS drama in two years, he’s playing the role of Cheon Ji Hoon, with his permed hair, he’s considered a rebel in the legal world.

Kim Ji Eun will be playing the role of Baek Ma Ri, she’s in the last stages of training at the Judicial Research and Training Institute to become a prosecutor. She’s considered from a ‘royal family’ among her circle. She has both amazing qualifications and a future set for her. When she meets Cheon Ji Hoon, her life turns upside down. This will mark Kim Ji Eun and Namgoong Min second time working together, they previously starred in the drama “The Veil.”

Choi Dae Hoon is taking on the role of prosecutor Seo Min Hyuk who is also from the judicial circles’ royal family. He enjoys the perks he’s born with, after wrapping up training at the Brooklyn district’s attorney office for the past two years, he hopes to achieve his goal of marrying Baek Ma Ri and changing her family’s Law Firm Baek into Law Firm Baek&Seo

Lee Deok Hwa will be playing Baek Ma Ri’s grandfather. He’s a very famous person who founded the large-scale Law Firm Baek. Despite the fact that he has many A-list lawyers employed, he wants to add Cheon Ji Hoon to his company which is why he sends his granddaughter Baek Ma Ri to Cheon Ji Hoon’s side.

Park Jin Woo is taking on the role of Sa Moo Jang, the legal assistant who looks after Cheon Ji Hoon, he spends his own money and rides his car after joining Cheon Ji Hoon.

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“1000 Won Lawyer” will premiere in 2022.

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

Wow! What a stunning lineup but I am slightly sad it will be a somewhat serious drama for Namgoong Min, I was hoping he would take on a lighter role. His past roles were pretty intense so I wanted something a bit different from him this time around, but I don’t doubt for a second that he would be putting on an amazing performance again.

Kim Ji Eun is; again; taking on the rich girl role but in a slightly different setting this time. I liked her dynamics with Namgoong Min in the past but I don’t recall being particularly impressed with their chemistry. But again, “The Veil” was pretty intense and didn’t have much room for romance.

I am a huge fan of Choi Dae Hoon, I think he’s highly underrated and always gives amazing performances. I like Lee Deok Hwa too. This is a solid cast, I am excited for this drama.

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