Namgoong Min And Long-Time Girlfriend Jin Ah Reum To Get Married In October

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Actor Namgoong Min announced his marriage plans with long-time girlfriend Jin Ah Reum in October.

On September 28, his agency 935 Entertainment said, “Namgoong Min will have a wedding with Jin Ah Reum on October 7. The two first met through the 2015 film directed by Namgoong Min.

He has been in a relationship with Jin Ah reum for seven years since he admitted his relationship in 2016.

Namgoong Min is currently starring in the SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘One Dollar Lawyer.’

The following is the full statement of 935 Entertainment:

Hello, we are 935 Entertainment.
Actor Namgoong Min and his long-time girlfriend Jin Ah Reum who have been each other’s strong partners long love have come to fruition.
The wedding will be held quietly with close relatives and acquaintances somewhere in Seoul on October 7, and we ask for your understanding that we cannot disclose the details as it will be held privately.
We ask for your warm support and blessings in the future when the couple takes a meaningful first step in their life, and they will continue to greet you in a good way so that they can repay your love.
Please continue to show a lot of interest and love for actor Namgoong min.
Thank you.

We congratulate the couple.

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  1. i don’t what is this feeling but i think It’s probably happiness. My heart is beating super fast and only one thing is coming into my head “be happy forever” i recently become fan of nam goongmin after watching “the veil” and fallen for him. When i saw his feeling towards his life partner trust me i begin to feel proud to be his fan. Aahh and now finally he is lawfully announcing that jin ah reum is his for life ahhh romantic❤️ i wish you a happy life forever. Don’t fight always be happy and don’t forget to give us more dramas like “the veil”, ” awaken”.. We will wait

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