Namgoong Min And Ahn Eun Jin To Lead Upcoming MBC Historical Drama

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Actors Namgoong Min and Ahn Eun Jin will be working together in an upcoming historical drama.

Recently, the male and female main leads who will portray affectionate love in “Lover” have been unveiled as Namgoong Min (as Lee Jang Hyun) and Ahn Eun Jin (as Yoo Gil Chae), drawing attention.

The MBC drama “Lover,” which is scheduled to air in 2023, is a drama about the love story of a couple during the changes around the second Manchu invasion of Korea in the Joseon dynasty and the story of the civilians who kept hope in the hardship of poverty.

Writer Hwang Jin Young, who wrote the historical drama such as “The King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang,” and “The Rebel,” and director Kim Sung Yong, who proved his powerful directing skills through “The Veil,” will be working together.

First of all, Namgoong Min plays the role of Lee Jang Hyun, a mysterious man who suddenly appeared in Neunggun-ri high society one day. Lee Jang Hyun is a complex character who carries a dark motive that he can’t reveal to anyone under his natural playfulness. Since Jang Hyun has never loved anything, he didn’t give his sincerity to anyone or anything before, until he comes across a woman who opens the door to an unexpected fate.

Ahn Eun Jin will take on the role of Yoo Gil Chae, a child of a foster family who grew up receiving a lot of love. She thinks the world revolves around her world, and that she can receive the love of any man in the world without any doubts, so she was a proud person, but gradually matured as she comes to sincerely hold affection for a man after going through the stages of the war.

Ahn Eun Jin has emerged as a rising new main lead actress through dramas such as tvN’s “Hospital Playlist” and JTBC’s “The One And Only,” as well as the recent movie “The Night Owl.” Ahn Eun Jin, who is drawing attention as an actress who shines her color no matter what work or character she plays, is expected to show a brilliant performance through her first historical drama “Lover.”

Meanwhile, “Lover” is scheduled to air in the second half of 2023.

Are you excited to see them together in this drama?

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