Nam Ji Hyun To Reportedly Play Lead Role In The Drama “High Cookie”

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Nam Ji Hyun has reportedly chosen “High Cookie” as her next work.

On the 30th, an entertainment official told Sports Chosun, “Nam Ji Hyun is reportedly going to join the new drama “High Cookie(A strong script)” as the main character.” “High Cookie” is a drama about an elite school which gets devoured by a cookie that fullfils one’s dreams. A girl has to put herself in danger to save her brother.

Nam Jin Hyun has been offered the role of Choi Soo Young who is a factory and the head of the family, who lives only to die. She took a job in a factory at the age of 18 to raise her younger brother and became the head of the family. She can risk anything to protect her younger brother from danger.

Nam Jin Hyun recently finished TvN’s “Little Women”. She played the role of Oh In Kyung, the second of the three sisters, and showed a good performance with her mature appearance. Expectations are high for Nam Ji Hyun’s appearance in “High Cookie”.

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“High Cookie” is currently in the middle of production. Choi Hyun Wook plays the male lead, Seo Ho Su. The drama will be released on an OTT platform because of the nature of the content.


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