Nam Ji Hyun Says Ji Chang Wook Of “Suspicious Partner” Is Close To Her Ideal Type

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Nam Ji Hyun sat down for an interview with “The Star” magazine to talk about her recently finished drama “Suspicious Partner” and more.

She started off by talking about her recently-ended drama “Suspicious Partner”, she said,

“I was both surprised and confused. I don’t think it’ll be truly over until the follow-up drama starts.”

The actress was asked if No Ji Wook played by Ji Chang Wook was close to her ideal type, she answered,

“I think so, he was a dream-like character of a drama, he doesn’t feel real. I don’t think this character is ever hated by women.”

She also opened up about what kind of love she’d like to experience, she said,

“Someone I can depend on and love, someone who can also be my closest friend.”

She expressed her eternal love for acting, when she was asked if she’d ever think of doing anything else, she replied,

“Acting is something I can never throw away. Even if I try to find another job, I doubt it’d be able to make me feel the same responsibility and joy acting gives me.”

She also talked about her curious character, she said,

“I tend to explore. I like think about all things in a variety of ways. Even my friends jokingly say ‘you observe people every day.’”

Source: The Star Magazine

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