Nam Ji Hyun Reveals What Ji Chang Wook Said After Their Bed Scene That Made Her Blush

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The infamous bed scene of “Suspicious Partner” made lots of fans happy.

Nam Ji Hyun sat down for an interview with her co-star Kim Ye Won’s in her radio program “Raise The Volume” on the 24th of July.

The actress touched on her steamy scene with Ji Chang Wook. In the scene is seen cuddling with Ji Chang Wook who is wearing no top.

The actress thanked Ji Chang Wook for making her feel comfortable around the set, she said,

“Chang Wook oppa made things very comfortable to me, this is why I was able to film at ease.”

The DJ then replied with,

“I saw the BTS footage of this scene, there were parts when you clearly showed maturity considering your young age, you actually led the scene. I saw the flow you created. You are truly an adult.”

Nam Ji Hyun blushed upon hearing what Kim Ye Won’s words and replied,

“Was I that skilled?

Chang Wook oppa actually said ‘Ji Hyun was an adult’ after we filmed that scene. His words actually made me blush.”

The bed scene of the famous summer rom-com turned out very well and fans loved how the two actors suited each other.

The scene was not awkward and didn’t look forced and it made many fangirls hearts skip a beat.

Do you miss “Suspicious Partner”?


  1. yes i really miss the suspicious partner especially when there two worlds collide when ji wook saw bong hees father.. how they dwelt it and the murderer also who was lured by ji wook.. i like the way they handle and solve their personal problem to their works.. miss you my prosecutor/atty. Noh Ji Wook and Bong Hee

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