Nam Ji Hyun Is Comforting A Beaten Up Ji Chang Wook In Recent Stills From Suspicious Partner

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Things are only getting intense for Suspicious Partner and specifically for Ji Chang Wook’s character Ji Wook.

In previous week’s episode, officer Bang was stabbed in his stomach by the serial killer for going on an investigation.

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Ji Wook found out about it and went to the crime scene, there he found two bodies, he saw officer Bang’s lifeless body and kept crying and screaming asking him to wake up.

In tomorrow’s episode SBS has released the trailer promising more action to come. Ji Wook goes to the serial killer Hyun Soo to take revenge.

He already knows that Hyun Soo is the killer but he has nothing to prove it, nevertheless he goes there to beat up Hyun Soo for hurting officer Jang so much.

Ji Wook is known to not be such a strong character in the drama, unlike his previous dramas filled with action.

In the preview stills it shows that Ji Wook goes to Bong Hee to be comforted after facing of with the serial killer.

Hyun Soo is known to be a great fighter and is strong enough to even take Ji Wook down which seems to be the case from the teaser photos.

Fans cannot wait to see what will happen next.

Will you be tuning in to see today’s episode?

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