“Mr. Queen” Rising Actor Na In Woo Confirmed To Replace Ji Soo In “River Where The Moon Rises”

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Its been confirmed! Na In Woo will replace Ji Soo In “River Where The Moon Rises”!

After KBS announced their decision to officially drop actor Ji Soo due to the severe bullying accusations made against him, Actor Na In Woo was reportedly in talks to take on his role in the drama.

Initially, his agency Cube Entertainment confirmed that he’s received an offer to lead the drama but was still in talks. Later today, KBS has officially confirmed that Na In Woo is taking on the role of On Dal in “River Where The Moon Rises.”

He is expected to begin filming soon and his appearance on the show will begin from episode 9 onward.

KBS had also released a statement to announce that reruns of “River Where The Moon Rises” featuring Ji Soo’s appearance have been cancelled and that his face will be edited out as much as possible in episode 7 and 8 next week.

Actor Na In Woo has recently wrapped up filming for the hit historical drama “Mr. Queen,” fans are excited to see him take on the role of On Dal.

Do you think he suits the role?

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My personal thoughts- written by Jazmine K.

This entire situation is a mess, and its been a while since I’ve seen dramas deeply affected by controversies. I remember 2018 was similar in terms of effects [because of the #MeToo movement].

Now before I begin talking about the casting choice, I wanted to express just how badly I feel towards “River Where The Moon Rises” staff and cast, it must be very difficult for them right now. Ji Soo had wrapped up 95% of his scenes, it won’t be an easy road ahead of them. I just hope that KBS delays for a week or two so they could work on it because its not going to be easy to re-shoot the male lead scenes, I hope they wont rush it.

“River Where The Moon Rises” had surpassed 10% in ratings and for the first time in a while, a KBS drama was doing noticeably well and dominating its timeslot. Its such a shame this happened.

I was curious about Na In Woo’s next project since I watched him in “Mr. Queen,” I didn’t expect him to get his first leading role this fast or in such a production. It’ll be interesting to see just how he plans on tackling the role, I think building a relationship with the cast will be probably the most challenging thing because he probably hasn’t worked with any of them and he must now lead a drama that’s being closely watched by everyone in the industry.

I wish him, the cast and staff the best of luck. Fighting!

By Hilda Moore

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