Na In Woo And Girls Generation’s Seohyun To Make A Special Appearance In “Jinxed At First” Director Yoon Sang Ho’s Upcoming Drama “Curtain Call”

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Jinxed at First” stars Na In Woo and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun will be making a special appearance in the upcoming drama “Curtain Call”!

On June 14, it was revealed that Na In Woo and Seohyun will be making a cameo appearance in KBS’ upcoming drama “Curtain Call” to support director Yoon Sang Ho, who also directed their upcoming drama “Jinxed at First.”

It was previously revealed back in April that Kang Ha Neul and Ha Ji Won will be starring in the upcoming KBS drama “Curtain Call” that tells the story of an elderly woman who came from North Korea, she doesn’t have much time to live, a theatre actor acts as her grandson to fulfill her last wish. This changes his life.

The drama will be directed by Yoon Sang Ho who previously worked on the dramas “River Where the Moon Rises,” “King Maker: The Change of Destiny,” and “Simdang, Light’s Diary.” And will be written by Jo Sung Geol who produced the 2020 movie “Hitman: Agent Jun.”

“Curtain Call” is set to premiere in the second half of 2022 and is considered one of the most anticipated upcoming dramas that will impress and deliver a warm message to the viewers.

Meanwhile, Na In Woo and Seohyun’s upcoming drama “Jinxed at First” tells the story of the cruel fated romance drama about a man who considers his unhappy life as his destiny and the one goddess who jumps out of her world in order to reverse that curse. The drama is based on the popular webtoon of the same name.

“Jinxed at First” is set to premiere tomorrow on June 15.

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