“My Liberation Notes” Remains The Most Buzzworthy Drama For The 4th Week In A Row

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“My Liberation Notes” continues to top the most buzzworthy drama rankings for the 4th week in a row!

Every week, Good Data Cooperation determines the rankings of the dramas that are currently airing or are set to air soon by collecting data from news articles, blog posts, online communities, videos, and social media.

According to this week’s report, JTBC’s “My Liberation Notes,” which came to an end few days ago, topped the most buzzworthy drama rankings for the fourth consecutive week. The drama’s stars also remained in the same spot in the list of the most buzzworthy actors, Son Suk Ku stayed in the 1st place while Kim Ji Won in the 2nd place. Lee Min Ki also entered the actor list coming in 6th place.

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In addition, tvN’s “Our Blues” also held onto its spot on the drama list coming in second place with its stars also entering the actor list, Han Ji Min came in 4th place, Jung Eun Hye in 5th place, and Kim Woo Bin in 7th place.

And finally, SBS’ “Again My Life” rose to number 3 this week following the finale of the drama with Lee Joon Gi coming in 3rd place on the actor list and Lee Kyung Young in 10th place.

Here is the full list of the most buzzworthy dramas:

1. JTBC’s “My Liberation Notes”

2. tvN’s “Our Blues”

3. SBS’ “Again My Life”

4. JTBC’s “Green Mothers’ Club

5. KBS2’s “Bloody Heart

6. tvN’s “Shooting Stars

7. KBS2’s “Gold Mask”

8. KBS2’s “It’s Beautiful Now”

9. SBS’ “Woori The Virgin

10. MBC’s “From Now On, Showtimes!


And here is the list of the most buzzworthy actors:

1. Son Suk Ku (“My Liberation Notes”)

2. Kim Ji Won (“My Liberation Notes”)

3. Lee Joon Gi (“Again My Life”)

4. Han Ji Min (“Our Blues”)

5. Jung Eun Hye (“Our Blues”)

6. Lee Min Ki (“My Liberation Notee”)

7. Kim Woo Bin (“Our Blues”)

8. Kang Han Na (“Bloody Heart”)

9. Lee Joon (“Bloody Heart”)

10. Lee Kyung Young (“Again My Life”)


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