“My Liberation Notes,” And “From Now On, Showtime!” Both Rise To Their Highest Ratings Yet

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“My Liberation Notes,” and “From Now On, Showtime!” both soar to their highest ratings to date!

According to Nielsen Korea, the twelfth episode of JTBC’s “My Liberation Notes” achieved an average nationwide rating of 5.0%, an increase from its previous episode rating of 4.1%. this is also the drama’s highest rating to date.

Meanwhile, MBC’s “From Now On, Showtime!” also achieved its best rating yet, the drama’s latest episode scored an average nationwide rating of 4.6%, a rise from its previous episode rating of 3.3%.

And finally, the twelfth episode of tvN’s “Our Blues” recorded an average nationwide rating of 10.8%, an increase from its previous episode rating of 10.4%.

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Source: Nielsen Korea

My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

OMG. I am so happy for “My Liberation Notes” you guys have no idea.

“My Liberation Notes” has been my obsession for the past couple of weeks and with each passing episode, I fall for this drama more and more. I am so happy to see the community discussing this drama grow bigger each week, and its not just on the national side, its also on the international side so much so that the drama’s hashtag is now trending on Twitter each Saturday and Sunday.

I would say I was definitely surprised by how “My Liberation Notes” turned out to be this amazing. I expected to like it because I like the screenwriter behind the project but I never expected to get this attached to it.

“From Now On, Showtime!” has been a fun watch, I am thinking of writing a review on it. This week, “Our Blues” episodes were a-ok, I can feel the screenwriter is keeping things from us for the sake of the extended run time, the drama has 20 episodes as you guys know. So I get it.

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