“The Queen’s Umbrella” Rising Actor Moon Sang Min Received More Than 20 Offers From Big Brand Companies From Various Fields

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Recently, advertising companies’ rising interest in hiring Moon Sang Min as a model, who is gaining huge popularity with his appearance in “The Queen’s Umbrella,” is a hot topic.

After his debut, Moon Sang Min is a new actor who made his mark on the small screen with Netflix’s “My Name” in 2021 and straight away starred in tvN’s “The Queen’s Umbrella.” He plays the role of Prince Seongnam, who becomes a crown prince in “The Queen’s Umbrella,” and is loved by viewers for his tall stature, fresh smile, and free-spirited and righteous image, showing his presence among great seniors. Moon Sang Min has been drawing attention from industry officials since the start of the airing of “The Queen’s Umbrella ” in October till now, with the weekly drama cast’s popularity and being the top keyword for drama search results.

As a result, the advertising industry, which reflects to the trend the fastest, seems to be busy. Recently, a cosmetics brand selected Moon Sang Min as their main model and is preparing various promotions. The cosmetics brand, which is growing with the support of consumers aged 18 to 34, chose a strategy to increase brand awareness and reliability with rising star Moon Sang Min.

According to the agency, Moon Sang Min is also discussing collaboration with more than 20 companies in various fields, which is expected to further expand his performance in the online and offline advertising market. Moon Sang Min’s agency Awesome ENT said, “We are receiving offers from companies in various industries such as fashion brands, online stores, games, confectionery, watches, and education companies. We are receiving attention not only for the serious aspects of his character in the drama but also from Moon Sang Min’s fresh mask and hip styling.

Expectations are high for Moon Sang Min’s future activities, which has emerged as a new trend icon.

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