Moon Sang Min Explains His ‘Bedroom’ Selfie With Han So Hee And How They Became Close

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Moon Sang Min has clarified speculations about his recent selfie with actress Han So Hee that went viral.

Moon Sang Min has been doing many interviews after wrapping up “The Queen’s Umbrella,” and he’s addressed his recent selfie that became viral.

Moon Sang Min and Han So Hee became a trending topic after they posted a photo together. Moon Sang Min visited her house and watched his drama together. The two actors met on the set of “My Name” and became close friends, they’ve remained in touch ever since.

Moon Sang Min said the “My Name” team gathers once or twice yearly to eat together and it so happened that their reunion this year was on the day he recently wrapped up drama was airing at the time. Thus, they were excited to see him in the drama and it happened when his character had a lot of air time.

Moon Sang Min added, “Han So Hee is a big fan of The Queen’s Umbrella. Naturally, she watched it because I and Kim Hye Soo were there too and she enjoyed it a lot. She even watched all the episodes.”

He also clarified that its not a bedroom selfie but they were watching in the living room but it so happened the selfie came out like that.

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