Actress Moon Chae Won’s Agency To Take Strict Legal Action Against Malicious Rumors

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Actress Moon Chae Won complained of pain caused by the spread of false information. She plans to respond with strong punishment without leniency.

On March 13th, IOK Company announced, “We have found a situation where false information related to Moon Chae Won is being spread online as if it were true.” 

Moon Chae Won has recently been plagued by groundless rumors on YouTube. It has caused severe psychological damage to Moon Chae Won. 

The agency said,

The image, honor, and personality of the actress are seriously damaged, and the fans are suffering as well. 

We have determined not to tolerate it any longer. Rumors that go too far are being produced out of control. We will take strong legal action to protect the actor.

We have completed the first evidence collection through long-term monitoring and reporting and will submit a complaint.

There will be no future agreements or leniency against the spreaders of false facts, those who create and post malicious rumors, and those who post malicious comments.

We will continue to take regular legal action against malicious acts. We will do our best to protect the rights and interests of our actors.


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