“Melting Me Softly” Rating Drops To A New Low, “Golden Garden” Ends Strongly  

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“Melting Me Softly” ratings continue to slip!

Despite hitting its personal worst rating last week, this week, “Melting Me Softly” scored even lower rating for its 9th episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Melting Me Softly” 9th episode which aired on October 26 scored an average of 1.16% nationwide which is lower than its 8th episode which scored an average of 2.4%.

On the other hand, MBC’s “Golden Garden” which airs at the same timeslot scored 4.6%, 6.0%, 7.8%, and 9.8 % for its four parts finale.

Previously, “Melting Me Softly” 7th episode was considered the series lowest with 1.8%, “Melting Me Softly” managed to get a spike in ratings with its 8th episode which scored an average of 2.4%.

Usually, “Melting Me Softly” Saturday episodes get lower ratings than its Sunday episodes, fans are waiting to see if “Melting Me Softly” will manage to recover with tonight’s episode.

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Have you been keeping up with “Melting Me Softly”? Do you think it deserves better ratings?

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By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. I don’t know why I just cannot enjoy watching this drama. I can’t help falling asleep watching it. It’s just so dull. I’m still wondering why Ji Chang Wook took his drama. The cryonic idea was a smart one. But I guess the scriptwriter has failed in delivering it in an entertaining way. Even the comedy looks so cheap and not natural. Sorry to say.

      1. I love Ji Chang Wook but someone needs to do something about the horrendous storyline. The female lead actually is a fantastic actress but god forbid they made her character so bland that it does her no justice. I watched the first few episodes and sorry to say i dropped it and am now watching Vagabond with much more satisfaction. The main casts have so much more depth here. I think thats whats missing in melting me softly. You care for nobody….

  2. I personally think that it is funny and cute. I actually always look forward to weekend because of this. 🙂 It makes me laugh and forget my stressful life.
    I guess they just don’t appreciate it there like what happened to Scarlet Heart before. But still, fighting my Chang Wook oppa and the team! It will pay off soon. The world will still recognize you.

      1. Right? as long as Chang Wook oppa is there. As long as we are true fans and we want to support him, we will watch all his dramas.

  3. i personally think the rating is dropping because of the story line of this drama..especially on the part of his ex gf, if they make her not waiting for him, have her own family, have her own happiness it wont dropping this hard. People just cannot accept the fact that the love of 20yrs is no longer exist. I believe the one who make the rating rise & drop is ahjumma who stay at home, who wish to watch some good love story that they can relate to their life and can make them have hope in their own love life. That’s my opinion. They have a great story line to tell but they missing this part.

    1. This is definitely my opinion about the ex. How the heck does someone wait for you for 20years even though she covered up the story. She waited 20 years hoping he will come back!

    2. Very wise observation. Yes viewers want fantasy and hope. Definitely a storyline problem

      I think it’s kind of disappointing he ignores his ex. While it’s true she should have tried harder to look for him instead of avoiding looking for him in exchange for her promotion. Or at least make her a really bad person for him to reject her completely. I don’t like the fact that he could move on easily to the second lead, as if it’s so obvious that he prefers a younger looking girl.

      Anyway I think the lack of viewers for the show is also because they can’t connect with the lead actress. She is cute and acting fine in her role, but when he had strong actresses like park min young or ha Ji won in previous roles, it’s just not pulling in the numbers

  4. you guys are on crack, this is by far the best kdrama ive ever seen the chemistry between the main leads are just breathtaking and the storyline is amazing. EVERYTHIGN IS AMAZING.

  5. At first im not interested on this drama.first episodes stop me at 15mins. And took me weeks to continue. But im a fan of JCW. . I watched all his previous show. . . But then ill try to give it a shot,since all im watching drama is ongoing. . . It miight boring at first , but then i got hooked til i finish the ten episodes in one day its different from other , that you are so excited for the next episode. . . In this drama i can say i just want to see were the story leads. . . You just need to appreciate every episodes. Coz it doesnt bring the excitement,for me. .

  6. I watched it because of JCW. But then stop at ep. 3 because the storyline is getting slow and it going nowhere. Furthermore, the other casts acting doesn’t really helps. Pity for JCW that he had tried so hard to do his best for this drama. For me, this drama is just so far behind Vagabond & My country which i’m currently watching. I’m always into something fast and realistic. When things starts to drag (even if i loved the cast) i’ll just drop it and move to other dramas.

  7. I personally like Melting Me Softly I did expect more from this drama but I still watch it every weekend its kinda sad that it has low ratings I think it deserved better I hope the ratings rise as the drama ends so it can end up strong.

  8. I actually like this kdrama… The only thing is the ex is throwing everyone off… You have this woman who he announced to everyone as his girlfriend and gives a ring to, before the experiment and she waits all these years and he comes back and she had no life the whole time he was gone… You feel sorry for her a little bit… I can’t see them together now, but the way they set them up almost makes Mi Ran look like a home wrecker and that he just gave up on his love that waited for him all those years just cause she didn’t come search for him, which I don’t know why she didn’t, smh… That is what is throwing watchers off… Other then that I think it’s funny at times and I love the main characters and supporting casts… I love the storyline, it’s different and new and entertaining…

  9. Is a 5 star for me as Ji Chang Wook is a joy to look at. Is a heart warming and soothing drama instead of those current dramas that tried too hard to be different. For those parrots who tried to parrot others in giving a bad review base on story line and what not, please go form your own opinion and give a substantial reason instead of the usual lame story line, writers, scripts bias.

  10. I’ve watched Ep 10 – it’s awesome. I like the way he begs the professor to same them both and than returns to the hotel and forgets about the world except for what is standing in front of him – Ko Mi ran …. that particular scene and the bathroom kissing scene will surely pull the ratings up…. I like the story line overall…

    It interesting and fascinating – its like ‘OMG, what will happen Next” especially when their Heart rate cannot go beyond 31.9

  11. I feel the story dragged out at the beginning. His girlfriend from the past wasn’t waiting for him she was creating a career for herself. She wants him now but doesn’t really love him. She is making problems get rid of her. Allow the frozen couple to have a life because like the professor said he can’t help them to survive. Shouldn’t carry this story outdo long get to the point don’t drag it out. Chang Wook is a fantastic actor handsome,sexy. Down to earth kind of guy no matter what role he takes on he will be great. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. I wish JCW took the project of Vagabond drama. He needs to play action drama because this Rom com is not working for him. The ratings dont lie. The female lead is stiff and can’t portray emotions.

  13. I love LJW but this drama is not that good but bearable because of him. I don’t like the lead actress when it comes in crying scene. It’s just so so. But since she’s new there’s room for improvement. I blame the writer for the script and the direction of the story. This drama has no impact for me, even though the cast and especially JW is working hard and doing their best, the story is just meh. As a kdrama fan, the most important factor for me is the story and the character development, not just a good cast. Wishing JW a better project

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