MBC Apologizes To Muslims For Insensitive Representation In “Man Who Dies To Live”

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MBC and “Man Who Dies To Live” stirred up a lot of controversy and angered fans from all around the world when the drama aired last week.

The insensitive and ignorant representation of Islam and Muslim and the Middle Eastern culture angered fans, there are many scenes in the drama that despites unrealistic standards and impossible scenarios not to mention the lack of Arabic actors in the drama itself.

Following the request of Muslim fans for a boycott, MBC apologized for their fans and to Muslims in a translated letter of the Korean apology to Arabic and English as well.

The apology letter was posted to their Twitter official account, and they went on explaining that it was unintentional and its all a fantasy drama that has nothing to do with reality, they ended the letter with apologizing again and promising to be a lot more careful.

Guess what? This didn’t really do it for Muslim fans who still stand by their point of boycotting the drama, some want it to stop airing while others want these bad scenes to be re-edited, the apology was met with harsh criticism.

Too many scenes in the first two episodes of this drama made it very difficult for anyone who is a Muslim or at least  aware of the Muslim culture to watch without cringing, the drama includes many racist scenes, stereotypes and ignorant remarks against Muslims.

MBC and the writer of this drama has clearly neglected doing proper research of what is the Islamic culture is before choosing to go with this theme.

What type of corrective actions will MBC take still remains unknown and subject to change depending on the public reaction to the episode that is set to air tomorrow.

Do you accept their apology? Do you think they went too far?

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