Lee Young Ae Offers A Helping Hand By Paying Transportation Fee For A Russian Individual Who Died As A Result Of Itaewon Tragedy

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Actress Lee Young Ae has continued her endless good deeds by reaching out her hand to the bereaved family of a Russian who died in the Itaewon tragedy.

According to the Korean Foundation for the Disabled on November 2, Lee Young Ae said she would like to help Park, a Russian who died as a result of Itaewon tragedy.

Park, a Russian who died in the Itaewon disaster, is known to be a fourth-generation person. Park, a third-generation father, tried to transport his daughter’s body to his home country, but he had difficulty raising the cost of transportation. In response, Lee Young Ae offered a helping hand.

The Korea Welfare Foundation for the Disabled then told OSEN on November 3, “we received a donation from actress Lee Young Ae to help with the Itaewon tragedy. The donation will be continued to be made in the future.”

This is not the first time Lee Young Ae has shown her kindness by doing good deeds. After the Russia-Ukraine war, she donated 100 million won ($70, 000) as relief money for war victims and peace through the Ukrainian Embassy, making her the first Korean celebrity to do so in March.

In addition, when a Taiwanese pregnant woman who visited Korea for a trip in the past slipped in the hotel and suddenly gave birth, she donated money for her. The child born at the time was only 1kg, and the child’s life was in critical condition due to biliary obstruction and liver disease.

As such, Lee Young Ae is actively working towards society restoration by reaching out swiftly whenever and wherever someone needs help, regardless if it’s in her home country or abroad. She is simply an “angel without wings.”

Meanwhile, Lee Young Ae, who continues her good deeds with the heart of a mother with twin children, is considering returning to the drama “Maestra.” Expectations are high on what kind of transformation she will show after returning to the small screen for the first time in four years after playing a detective in JTBC’s “Inspector Koo,” which ended in December last year.

We offer our deepest condolences to the victims of this tragedy and their loved ones.

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