Lee Yoo Mi Confirmed For First-Ever Leading Role In Her Career Opposite Jung Woo, Kwon Yul, And Park Se Young

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tvN has confirmed the cast for their upcoming drama “Mental Coach Je Gal Gil”!

On March 18, it was confirmed that Lee Yoo Mi, Jung Woo, Kwon Yul, and Park Se Young will be leading tvN’s new drama “Mental Coach Je Gal Gil.”

“Mental Coach Je Gal Gil” is a sports drama that tells the story of a taekwondo player who was expelled from the university due to an accident and now returns to the same university as a mental coach for the national team, he fights against the absurd world of winner-takes-all.

This drama will be directed by Son Jung Hyun who previously directed “Protect The Boss,” “Yeah, That’s How It Is,” and “Should We Kiss First.” It is also written by Kim Ban Di who previously wrote “Angry Mom,” and “Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo.”

Jung Woo will take on the role of Je Gal Gil, an ex-taekwondo player who was known for his hard work and brilliance, but he was expelled because of an unprecedented accident, he now works as a mental coach for the national team.

Lee Yoo Mi will play Cha Ga Eul, she was a former world short-track gold medalist who is now going through a hard time. She was once called the ice princess who always wore a poker face, but all of that changed after she decided to join a team.

Kwon Yul will play Koo Tae Man, a former taekwondo Olympic gold medalist who now is the director of the Human Rights Center of the sports club, he has a strong desire for power and strives to rise to a higher position.

Park Se Young will play Park Seung Ha, who is the perfect model of a good daughter who grew up well, she had to leave the hospital because of Jae Gal Gil and now works as a counselor at the athletes’ village.

“Mental Coach Jae Gal Gil” is set to premiere in the second half of 2022.

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