Lee Sung Min And Jin Goo’s Upcoming Disney+ Drama “Shadow Detective” Unveils Thrilling Main Poster And Trailer

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Disney+’s upcoming drama “Shadow Detective” has unveiled thrilling main poster and trailer of the drama captivating the viewers.

Disney+’s original series “Shadow Detective” tells the story of a detective who became a murder suspect who killed a colleague and tries to catch the unidentified blackmailer “friend” whose phone calls chase his past. It is a well-made mystery investigation drama created by the collaboration of Studio Dragon, a premium storyteller that fascinates the world through endless stories with Disney+. Director Han Dong Hwa, who showed outstanding directing skills covering various genres such as the “Bad Guys” series, “Squad 38 ” and “Navillera,” is in charge of directing. On top of that, actors Lee Sung Min and Jin Goo, as well as Kyung Soo Jin and Lee Hak Joo, with fine acting skills will showcase a highly immersive story.

“Shadow Detective” draws attention by releasing the main poster and main trailer that showcases the birth of a well-made mystery investigation drama.

The released main poster of “Shadow Detective” catches everyone’s attention with the appearance of Taek Rok played by Lee Sung Min staring ahead with a powerful expression. Along with the phrase “There is a guy in my past,” the appearance of Taek Rok, who recites something with a troubled expression, adds to the curiosity for the drama. Moreover, around Taek Rok, the past events are blurred, showing a sensuous visual. Viewers are paying keen attention to what is the truth that Taek Rok should face in his old memories and whether he will be able to find the identity of the real criminal in them.

The main trailer, released together, depicts Kim Taek Rok, a 30-year veteran detective who is about to retire, along with the line, “I will never play if I retire.” Rather, in the scene where the arrested criminal shows a worried look and says, “Do you want me to call 119?” adds comedy to the realistic aspect of the veteran detective.

A mysterious phone call with a late-night silent ring. The overwhelming tension in the second half of the trailer raises expectations to the fullest, starting with Taek Rok, who was falsely accused of killing a colleague overnight. In particular, the voice of the blackmailer “Friend,” who leaves meaningful words such as “I’m not your enemy, I’m your partner,” and “try to find me as much as you can,” shakes the life of out of Taek Rok. Along with the pledge of Taek Rok that “I will definitely catch you,” the images of Jin played by Jin Goo, Sung Ah played by Kyung Soo Jin, and Kyung Chan played by Lee Hak Joo chasing after him and case draw keen attention for “Shadow Detective.”

Meanwhile, “Shadow Detective” will premiere on October 26.

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