Lee Sun Kyun And Moon Chae Won’s Upcoming Drama Releases Photos From Script Reading + Confirms Premiere Date

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We finally have the first look at Lee Sun Kyun And Moon Chae Won’s Upcoming Drama!

On the 8th of December, SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama “Law Money” written by Kim Won Seok and directed by Lee Won Tae released still cuts from the script reading session featuring Lee Sun Kyun, Moon Chae Won, Kang Yoo Seok, Park Hoon, Kim Hong Pa, Kim Mi Sook, Lee Ki Young, Seo Jeong Yeon, Kim HyeHwa and Choi Deok Moon.

“Law Money” is a thrilling revenge drama between money dealer Eun Yong (Lee Sun Kyun) and prosecutor Park Joon Kyung (Moon Chae Won) who fight against the cartel of law. Those who refuse to remain silent in front of the wrong power and confront it in their own way, are expected to give a sense of thrill and exploding catharsis.

Lee Sun Kyun plays the role of Eun Yong, a money merchant, who starts revenge by risking everything in order to regain the dignity of the person whom he was thankful for, who was sacrificed unfairly. In a recent script reading, Lee Sun Kyun became a silver dragon himself with his overwhelming presence coming from his unique and charming low-pitched voice and the heavy charisma created by his relaxed attitude.

Moon Chae Won is a more upright and righteous prosecutor than anyone else, but she is perfectly immersed in the role of Park Joon Kyung, an army major who is willing to become a monster to fight a monster. Moon Chae Won drew appreciation from the scene with her method of acting that realistically expresses the emotional curves of Park Joon Kyung, a three-dimensional character who gradually transforms while encountering unexpected events.

Kang Yu Seok is Eun Yong’s nephew and a young prosecutor who is thirsty for success. Kang Yu Seok raised expectations by presenting the role of Jang Tae Chun, a ‘born-to-be fighter’ who is still young but has shown a high-quality, controlled performance. 

Park Hoon plays the role of Hwang Ki Seok, an elite prosecutor who does not hesitate to collude with the enemy in order to stand at the top of power.

Kim Hong Pa plays the role of chairman Myeong In Joo, a godfather of the underground economy who built a cartel of greed. Kim Hye Hwa took on the role of Hong Hanna, a lobbyist-turned-private equity fund representative and Eun Yong’s partner. Her charming femme fatale performance boosted the atmosphere of the scene. Choi Deok Moon plays the role of Nam Sang Il, a veteran prosecution investigator.

On the other hand, famous actors who do not need words, such as Kim Mi Sook, Lee Ki Young, and Seo Jeong Yeon, make special appearances to inject more energy into the work. Kim Mi Sook showed sincerity by not spouting a single word of disassembly in the role of Yoon Hye Rin, Park Joon Kyung’s mother, and Lee Ki Young expressed her unique charisma as Oh Chang Hyun, former chief of the Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office. Seo Jeong Yeon plays the role of Eun Ji Hee, Jang Tae Chun’s mother.

The production team said, “The energy and synergy of the actors who form a perfect acting team in the story that swirls without taking letting you take your eyes off is really great. Please look forward to it.” 

The drama will air on January 6, 2023 taking over “The First Responders” time slot.


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