Lee Sun Kyun And Moon Chae Won Confirmed To Lead Upcoming Drama

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Actors Lee Sun Kyun and Moon Chae Won have been confirmed to appear in the upcoming drama ” Beopjjeon.”

“Beopjjeon,” which will be produced as an SBS Friday-Saturday drama in the first half of next year, is a thrilling revenge drama that tells the story about thrilling revenge story of those who risk everything to fight the money (“jjeon”) cartel that colluded with the law (“beop”). The ones who refuse to remain silent in the face of incompetent and unjust power and face it hot in their own way provide thrill and catharsis.

Writer Kim Won Seok, who showed interesting story development in a solid worldview with dramas “Queen’s Classroom” and “Descendants of the Sun,” and director Lee Won Tae, who boasts strong directing skills with the movies “The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil” and “Man of Will,” will be in joining hands for the upcoming drama.

On top of that, actors Lee Sun Kyun and Moon Chae Won have been confirmed as the main line-up of “Beopjjeon,” raising expectations.

Lee Sun Kun plays Eun Yong, a reclusive money merchant who is the owner of a global private equity fund and head of investment. Lee Sun Kyun, who emerged as a global star through the movie “Parasite,” is an actor who boasts a variety of acting spectra regardless of genre, ranging from romantic comedies to delicate psychological plays and colorful action films. Attention is focused on what other life characters Lee Sun Kyun will create as Eun Yong, a money merchant.

Moon Chae Won, who will make a comeback with a drama in about two years, will play the role of Army Major Park Jung Kyung, an elite lawyer who has been at the top of the bar exam and training center, giving off a unique charm. Moon Chae Won, who has imprinted a heavy presence in each work with her unique calm and elegant portrayal and outstanding character immersion, plays the role of Park Jung Kyung with a sharp charisma and plays an active role in controlling the play.

The production company said, “The ‘Beopjjeon’ has begun a full-fledged journey with the goal of first broadcasting in the first half of 2023. Both actors and staff are doing their best to complete the filming of the drama in 2023 and create high-quality work

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