Lee Sun Bin Wins Second Lawsuit Against Former Agency Wellmade Star Entertainment

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Actor Lee Sun Bin also won the second trial in a civil lawsuit worth 500 million won ( $354,783,02) filed by her former agency Wellmade Star Entertainment.

According to the legal circles on September 23, the Seoul High Court’s Civil Affairs Department 17-2 ruled against the plaintiff in the first trial.

Wellmade Star Entertainment filed a lawsuit in June 2020 to request 500 million won from the profits believed to have been obtained from the violation of the exclusive contract, saying, “Lee Sun Bin is continuing her activities in the entertainment industry after unilaterally notifying us of the termination of the contract.

Lee Sun Bin and Wellmade Star Entertainment signed an exclusive contract in 2016, and Lee Sun Bin reportedly notified the termination of the contract on September 21, 2018.

On the other hand, Lee Sun Bin countered by pointing out the opaque accounting process and the casting problem without any prior explanation with her from Wellmade Star Entertainment through her manager but this only led to the company interfering with her activities and demoting her manager position.

In January, the first trial court ruled in favor of Lee Sun Bin. The court acknowledged that Wellmade Star Entertainment provided Lee Sun Bin with only monthly settlement details and only indicated the approximate amount, did not provide detailed evidence such as tax invoices and did not respond to objections.

In addition, the court judged that Lee Sun Bin’s independent activities were not a problem as the exclusive contract, in this case, was legally terminated due to a violation of obligations since the agency did not properly provide evidence of settlement.

The appellate court also rejected Wellmade Star Entertainment’s appeal, believing that the agency did not properly fulfill its obligations, including providing settlement data.

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