Lee Seung Gi, Yoo Yeon Seok, SEVENTEEN’s Joshua, Hoshi, And More Artists To Participate In A Large-scale Variety Show To Be Filmed In Dubai

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From actor Lee Seung-gi to SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, super-large game variety entertainment is coming in the first half of 2023.

On February 14th, TVing announced that “Bromarble” (tentative title) will be a variety entertainment show, armed with super-strong chemistry, super-special games, and ultra-luxury attractions. 

“Bromarble” is a board game where you roll a die to purchase the city you arrive at and pay a toll if you get caught in another player’s city. Here, it has grown to a super-large scale for adults who know the taste of money. In the “Bromarble” variety show, which is played with landmarks in Dubai, tolls are paid only in cash, and actors can freely enjoy traveling in the landmarks they own through the game. Difficulties hidden in various places of “Bromarble” will put the actors to the test. From enduring in the middle of a sandy desert to traveling without a penny after bankruptcy, to escaping from an uninhabited island, surviving moments of crisis, and winning both friendship and money, only one will win.

For “Bromarble”, SBS’ proven production team and laughter-guaranteed artists come together. Lee Seung Gi, an all-round entertainer who has been active in numerous entertainment programs such as “Master in the House” and “Singer Gain”, as well as actor Yoo Yeon Seok, who is greatly loved for “Hospital Playlist” and “The Interest of Love”, “Reply 1988” and “Extreme Job”. Actor Lee Dong Hwi, who showed outstanding comic acting and received attention as a member of MSG Wannabe in”’What Do You Do When You Play”, veteran entertainer Ji Seok Jin, who has been delivering laughter for 12 years with “Running Man”, “New Journey to the West”, “Singer Gain”, etc. Singer Kyuhyun, who boasts a spiciness with a sweet voice, and Joshua and Hoshi, members of the group SEVENTEEN, have shown an unrivaled sense of entertainment with their own content “Going Seventeen”. 

“Bromarble” has finalized the cast and started full-scale filming in Dubai, and is scheduled to be released on TVing in the first half of 2023.


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