Lee Seung Gi Releases Detailed Statement About Lee Da In, Defending Her, Her Family And Explaining Why He Married Her + Calls Out The Various Media Outlets For Reporting Fake News

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Actor lee seung gi has broken his silence after the various rumors that have been spreading since his marriage to his wife lee da in less than a week ago, and he has important things to share!

On April 12, the actor took to his Instagram to explain his point of view. In his detailed statement, he corrected some of the misconceptions about Lee Da In’s parents issues, he also directly called out the various media outlets that have been engaging in scandalous headlines revealing they purposefully never reached out to him in order to maximize profit.

In his statement, he defends Lee Da In and explains, “My wife did not choose her parents…so how can I say we should break up because of her parents’ issues?”

Read his full translated statement below!

this is part 2 where he addressed the media outlets in question and explains more about how the fake news keep spreading

when I donated all of the unpaid 5 billion won (pre-tax) I received from my former agency in december of last year, I received overwhelming praise from the public. many people gave me support and courage.
i felt like I was living in the midst of compliments for about two months. after I announced my marriage to lee dae-in, the atmosphere changed. but that doesn’t matter. donations and good deeds are separate things. I didn’t donate to gain public support.
i always believe that the public is right. if the public doesn’t like something, there must be a reason. but sometimes I feel unjustly treated. for example, when the public misunderstands something.
“embezzling 26 billion won through stock manipulation and producing 300,000 victims?”
this is clearly a false rumor. I don’t know where some reporters and youtubers got their information from, but there is no evidence to support their claims.
lee dae-in’s parents sued five media outlets (sports kyunghyang, ten asia, xports news, celuv media, wiki tree) to the korea press arbitration commission for reporting this news.
the reporters couldn’t prove anything. the commission requested that the media correct their reporting, and all of the media outlets issued a correction, saying, “we will correct the facts.”
(the contents of the correction notice will be attached below.)
on the 12th, an article titled “what’s missing…lee seung-gi’s marriage ppl controversy” was published in money today. this media outlet also published an article on february 7th titled “will lee seung-gi’s son-in-law swallow 26 billion won in fraud?”
there was a time when issues related to marriage sponsorship became an entertainment industry issue. these days, I understand that most people pay for their own weddings. I also wanted to treat my guests to a good meal and express my gratitude without sponsorship.
journalist chae tae-byeong. I regret that you didn’t call my company. if you had asked, “is this story true?” I would have answered in detail.
a media representative said something like this.
“seung-gi. do you know why reporters don’t call you? if the controversy isn’t true, they can’t write an article. but controversy articles get more views. so they don’t call you to write the article.”
come to think of it, I remember a sudden article saying, “lee seung-gi doesn’t have proper management, so crisis management isn’t working.” is it because of that article that you didn’t contact me?
journalist chae, I have a new company now. my manager, whom i’ve been working with for 10 years, is still with me. in the future, please contact me before writing an article…

Below is part 1 explaining more about his reasoning for not minding haters and pushing ahead with his marriage.

    to my dear fans who have cherished me, I would like to say this. first of all, I am sorry. I heard that many of you have been hurt by the flood of articles caused by the in-law issue. one fan even said that they were against my marriage because of it.
once again, I bow my head in apology. even my close acquaintances advised me to “think about your image” and break up. it was frustrating. my wife didn’t choose her parents… how can I break up because of them?
before and after marrying my wife, da-in, we made a promise. “let’s live while repaying what we owe.” we will take care of those in need and look after those who are in pain. this decision will be kept regardless of any malicious comments.
lastly, many people came to our wedding to congratulate us. I sincerely thank you all. I thought about how to return the favor and came to the conclusion that it would be more meaningful to use the entire amount of the wedding gift money for a support fund for underprivileged children facing difficult circumstances.
we, lee seung-gi and lee da-in, plan to use all the wedding gift money for a support fund for underprivileged children.
i have been living as a celebrity for 20 years. I have never expressed my feelings like this before. of course, there may be some things to nitpick even in this post. I know that this post will become the starting point for more malicious articles.
nevertheless, the reason I dared to have the courage to post this is because…
from the dating rumors to the wedding, and even now, five days after the wedding, it has been very difficult with news full of insults and ridicule. moreover, I sometimes felt discouraged by the malicious comments that fueled fake news.
i will not ask you to bless lee seung-gi’s marriage. please just watch over us. we will live together with da-in lee. I believe that this is the best I can do.

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