Lee Seung Gi Joins New One-Man Agency, Human Made + Makes A Meaningful Donation At Seoul National University Children’s Hospital

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Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi has announced his new start by joining hands with the new agency as well as his meaningful donation to a children’s hospital.

On December 29, Human Made announced that Lee Seung Gi has decided to continue his activities with them and informed about the actor’s meaningful donation at Seoul National University Children’s Hospital for the future of healthy children while promising to do good work with the actor.

Check out the full official statement of Human Made below!

“Hello, this is Human Made. Artist Lee Seung Gi decided to continue his activities in HumanMade, a one-man agency. We’re truly happy to share the news of our new journey with you all. Human Made will give full support to artist Lee Seung Gi’s new beginning. In addition, we inform you that we shared meaningful love with Seoul National University Children’s Hospital today for the healthy future of children. Like our goal ‘For Human, By Human,’ we promise you the good work of Human Made and artist Lee Seung Gi. Thank you.”

Earlier, Hook Entertainment announced that they have paid Lee Seung Gi a total of $4 Million which is 2.9 billion won ($2,216,600) in unpaid adjusted settlement and 1.2 billion won($1,451,000) in the delay interest rate.

On November 17, Lee Seung Gi demanded proof of contents from his agency through the law firm Pacific Ocean, saying that he had not properly received the proceeds of his music for over 18 years when he signed an exclusive contract with Hook Entertainment. Hook Entertainment has been in the middle of controversy after being raided by the National Police Agency.

Later, Dispatch released an alleged audio recording, which is the conversation between CEO Kwon, the director of Hook Entertainment, and the manager of Lee Seung Gi at a meeting on November 17, which caused a stir and the repercussions grew. Following the explosive report, Hook Entertainment announced that the claims regarding not paying music profit earnings are false and they have cleared all debt relations between the parties when they renewed the contract with Lee Seung Gi around 2021. However, the legal representative Lee Seung Gi refuted Hook Entertainment’s statement and concluded that any further discussion with the agency is meaningless. the actor has since filed to have his contract terminated with the agency.

On December 16, the actor personally addressed the conflict with the agency and vowed to donate all the amount received from Hook Entertainment for good cause. On December 22, Lee Seung Gi sued the former and current directors of Hook Entertainment including CEO Kwon Jin Young on the charges of Fraud and embezzlement.

Wishing the best for Lee Seung Gi!

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