Lee Seung Gi Files A Lawsuit Against Former And Current Directors Of Hook Entertainment Over Charges OF Fraud And Embezzlement+ Reveals His Earning As Advertising Model Was Also Not Properly Accounted For

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Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi has sued the former and current directors of Hook Entertainment including CEO Kwon Jin Young on the charges of Fraud and embezzlement.

On December 22, Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative, Choi Sun Tae, from Pacific law firm, said in an official statement that Lee Seung Gi has filed a complaint against former and current directors of Hook Entertainment including CEO Kwon Jin Young on the charges of fraud and embezzlement after learning from a report that not only CEO Kwon Jin Young but also three previous directors of the agency have deceived him by sharing the money he earned as an advertising model. His rep also noted that the settlement fee he received from Hook Entertainment on December 16 was sent to him without prior notice and the amount is different from what he’s entitled to.

Check out the full statement of Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative below!

Lee Seung Gi filed a complaint to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office this morning against former and current directors, including Kwon Jin Young, CEO of Hook Entertainment.
Hook Entertainment not only concealed the music sales of Lee Seung Gi for about 18 years since his debut but also did not settle his music profit earnings.

In response, he sued CEO Kwon Jin Young and the director of finance for violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes and Fraud.
Lee Seung Gi learned from a recent report that former and current directors of Hook Entertainment have also deceived Lee Seung Gi and defrauded him of some of the advertising model fees.

About 10% of the advertising model fee has been paid to the advertising agency under the name of the so-called ‘agent fee’, but in fact, it seems that former and current directors of Hook Entertainment shared some of the agency fees without paying the actor.

When Lee Seung Gi raised an objection, Hook Entertainment finally admitted the fact and paid Lee Seung Gi about 630 million won ($ 492,000) in advertising fees and delayed interest separately from the music fee on December 16.
The legal representative sued Kwon Jin Young and three former directors of Hook Entertainment on charges of fraud and embezzlement.

Lee Seung Gi has never agreed to Hook Entertainment over the settlement of music fees. Nevertheless, Hook Entertainment unilaterally remitted about 4.81 billion won ($3, 750,000) in music fees and advertising fees without prior notice on the morning of December 16 and filed a lawsuit against Lee Seung Gi to confirm the existence of the debt.

Lee Seung Gi first learned about Hook Entertainment’s complaint through media reports, and he has yet to receive a complaint against the above lawsuit. The above settlement money that Hook Entertainment unilaterally remitted is quite different from the settlement money that Lee Seung Gi has to receive.

Lee Seung Gi will file a counterclaim against Hook Entertainment and those involved in the settlement of unpaid music fees and damages for illegal activities.
Lee Seung Gi believes that there should be no more victims like him, and as I said earlier, we will file a criminal complaint against the CEO of Hook Entertainment, Kwon Jin Young and the former and current directors of the agency.

We will do our best to prevent any more similar victims from occurring during the trial.”

Earlier, Hook Entertainment announced that they have paid Lee Seung Gi a total of $4 Million which is 2.9 billion won ($2,216,600) in unpaid adjusted settlement and 1.2 billion won($1,451,000) in the delay interest rate.

On November 17, Lee Seung Gi demanded proof of contents from his agency through the law firm Pacific Ocean, saying that he had not properly received the proceeds of his music for over 18 years when he signed an exclusive contract with Hook Entertainment. Hook Entertainment has been in the middle of controversy after being raided by the National Police Agency.

Later, Dispatch released an alleged audio recording, which is the conversation between CEO Kwon, the director of Hook Entertainment, and the manager of Lee Seung Gi at a meeting on November 17, which caused a stir and the repercussions grew. Following the explosive report, Hook Entertainment announced that the claims regarding not paying music profit earnings are false and they have cleared all debt relations between the parties when they renewed the contract with Lee Seung Gi around 2021. However, the legal representative Lee Seung Gi refuted Hook Entertainment’s statement and concluded that any further discussion with the agency is meaningless. the actor has since filed to have his contract terminated with the agency.

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