Lee Seung Gi Confirmed To Join JTBC’s “Peak Time” As An MC

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Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi joins JTBC’s global idol survival program “Peak Time” as an MC.

Lee Seung Gi, who played the role as an MC for JTBC’s “Singer Gain”, continues to make a name for himself as an MC for “Peak Time”. “Peak Time” is a new global project by the production team of “Sing Again”.

According to the production team, Lee Seung Gi showed off his excellent hosting skills through “Singer Gain”. He also played the role of an MC to make the contestants stand out and received great reviews. Since his debut to the present, he has been steadily active in various fields such as singing, acting, and entertainment, so in “Peak Time”, he is expected to show a unique collaboration with junior idols as a senior singer with 19 years of experience.

“Peak Time” is a survival program that features a team match for the first time in the history of idol auditions, and idols who have already debuted will compete for the position of ‘Worldwide Idol’. The previously released participant recruitment teaser video drew the attention of many K-pop fans as it showed the appearance of a variety of new contestants, different from existing idol audition programs.

Regarding the reason for selecting Lee Seung Gi as the MC, the production team said, “He is the best non-replaceable MC who represents the hearts of the participants by combining empathy for the situation and sensible progress as well as unrivalled musicality.”

“Peak Time” will premiere in the first half of 2023.


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