Lee Seung Gi And Lee Se Young Open Up About Joining “The Law Cafe” Following The Success Of Their Most Recent Dramas

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In the recently held press conference of the newly released drama “The Law Cafe,” its main lead actors Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young have spoken about how they felt about joining the cast.

“The Law Cafe” is based on a popular web novel by Noh Seung Ah, who has more than 25 million views, and the original film has already been loved by many readers and proved its box office success. Writer Lim Eui Jung, who has already been recognized for his writing skills with his first work “KBS Drama Special 2020-One Night,” and director Lee Eun Jin, who co-directed “Bread love and dreams” and “My lawyer, Mr. Jo,” join forces.

Director Lee Eun Jin said,

It was fun as I tried to create a warm and good drama”
The director spoke about what she thought important while casting, “Firstly I put focus on the good acting skills while casting the actors. I have cast only the actors with good acting so there’s no loophole. The second focus point is personality. The people were really good. Lee Seung Gi’s synchronization rate was about 300 percent. He is someone with a broad vision and is perfectly logical. Lee Se Young is around 150 percent of the synchronization rate. She is an endearing psycho.”

After a long time, the ‘Melodrama King’ Lee Seung Gi and ‘Romcom goddess’ Lee Se Young returned to the romantic comedy genre with their chemistry.

Lee Seung Gi portrays Kim Jung Ho who has been in unrequited love with Kim Yu Ri played by Lee Se Young for 17 years, is a former prosecutor, and currently working as a Web writer.

Lee Seung Gi showed his confidence in his new project by saying,

There were a lot of healing and comedy elements so it was fun and comfortable. I had fun during the filming of the drama.

The script was a lot more interesting while acting it out externally and there are many parts that are created finely. I am also looking forward to the drama as a viewer. Finally, he got jobs at last. He is a cool-headed, reasonable, and someone who can give realistic advice and have economical stability.”

Lee Se Young plays Kim Yu Ri, a beautiful lawyer with a 4D personality who quits a big law firm and runs a law counseling café called law café on the first floor of the Kim Jung Ho building.

Lee Se Young has led huge box office success by achieving the highest viewer rating of 17.4% with her previous MBC drama “The Red Sleeves,” which ended in January. Referring to her previous work, she said, “It was my first time to appear in a successful drama since I was young. Although getting high ratings is a great thing but I focused more on the message and actor’s characters in the drama.”

Lee Se Young spoke about her new character Kim Yu Ri in the drama and made everyone laugh, she said,

I often wanted to show my bad temper and crazy side of my personality. I prepared hard for it. Kim Yu Ri has a unique and four-dimensional character. She’s also fun to watch because she’s a crazy fashionista. I’ve been preparing for this character’s temperament since I was born. If you are an actor, you should prepare for it for around 31 years.”

Have you seen “The Law Cafe” yet?

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  1. The Law Cafe is so much fun to watch. Love the characters and the storyline. It’s going to be hard to wait for the next two episodes.
    Thank you to everyone in The Law Cafe you’re all awesome!♥️♥️♥️

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