Lee Seo Won Removed From Upcoming Drama “About Time” Following Sexual Harassment And Threatening Charges 

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Actor Lee Seo Won has been charged with sexually harassing and threatening a female celebrity with a weapon, a report confirmed today and backed up by his agency.

He is one of the leads of the highly anticipated upcoming drama starring Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Sang Yoon; the drama will air its first episode next week. Following the reports, the production crew behind the drama said they’re looking into the matter and will release a statement when ready.

The production crew has finally released a statement addressing the matter, they confirmed his removal from the drama, they also confirmed that they were in the process of finding a new actor to replace him.

He took on the role of the genius musical director who falls in love unexpectedly that he even shocks himself. They revealed that his character is part of the subplot and thus doesn’t have much screen time alone.

Despite the fact that he is a part of the subplot, the whole story wouldn’t be complete without his character, thus they will find a new actor and re-film his scenes.

They also explained that the drama began filming back in February, 3 months ago, thus there is enough footage not to disturb the air date of the drama, the drama will air as scheduled on May 21st.

The actor is also currently an MC of KBS “Music Bank,” we’re still waiting for a statement from the production staff behind the show, stay tuned for updates.

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