Lee Joon Gi Talks About The Burden Of Remaking The Popular TV Show “Criminal Minds”

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The main cast of the new crime drama “Criminal Minds” has sat down for an interview through vlive.

Lee Joon Gi, Moon Chae Won and Son Hyun Joo were all present to answer the MC and fans questions ahead of the first episode of “Criminal Minds”.

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The interview aired VDrama channel, and Lee Joon Gi was happily answering the fans questions and the MC question live during the broadcast.

He was asked his feelings about his new modern drama premiering, he said,

“The first episode of any drama is quite burdensome. Its partially exciting and partially burdening, I usually sense the burdening part a bit more.”

“Criminal Minds” is one of the most popular America crime-related dramas, the show ran for good 13 reasons and had solid ratings, remaking the drama was certainly challenging.

About that, the actor explained,

“Of course there is a burden here. But instead of trying to make the show look exactly like the original version we did our best to incorporate more Korean sentiment.

We’ll try hard to fill the gap between both versions through Korean-appropriate dialog and performances by Korean actors.”

Meanwhile, the first episode of the drama started off with solid ratings and had an impressive peak of 6% during the most watched scenes.

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