Lee Jong Won In Talks To Play Lead Role In An Upcoming Historical Drama By The Director Of “My Love From The Star”

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Actor Lee Jong Won has been offered the male lead in the new drama “Flowers that Bloom at Night”.

According to a report by SpoTV News on February 10th, Lee Jong Won is in discussion  to appear in director Jang Tae Yu’s new work, “Flowers that Bloom at Night” (written by Lee Saem and Jung Myung In)

“Flowers that Bloom at Night” is a comic historical drama investigative romance in which a 20-year-old widowed woman who lives a double life every night meets Su Ho, a service officer who is about to marry a 17-year-old bride, and finds her perfect life and love. It is a new work by PD Jang Tae Yu, who directed “My Love from the Star”, “Deep Rooted Tree”, and “Lover Of The Red Sky”.

The role that Lee Jong Won is being considered for, is Su Ho, the officer in charge of Geumwiyeong. In the drama, Park Su Ho is the best man in Doseong who is good at his job as well as his good looks, but he is also a man of misfortune. Also, while digging into the death of his father, who died a dishonorable death at a young age, he becomes entangled with Yeo Hwa.

Actress Lee Ha Nui has been offered the role of the female lead, Yeo Hwa, and is reviewing it.

Lee Jong Won, who debuted in a web drama in 2018, made his face known by appearing in the drama tvN’s “Hospital Playlist Season 2”, “My Unfamiliar Family”, as well as IU’s ‘Strawberry Moon’ music video. Last year, he starred in MBC’s “Golden Spoon” as Hwang Tae Yong, the son of a conglomerate family, and at the end of the year, he received the 2022 MBC Drama Awards Rookie Award and his acting skills were recognized. He also recently appeared on MBC’s “I Live Alone” and attracted attention for showing off his sensuous lifestyle.

If Lee Jong Won appears in “Flowers that Bloom at Night”, it will be his first historical drama after his debut, and attention is focused on whether he will be able to meet viewers in a different way.


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