Lee Jong Suk Talks About Dating IU, Calls Her An Amazing Person Whom He’s Always Had A Crush On In Heartwarming Letter Addressing The Dating News

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Lee Jong Suk has also addressed his dating news with IU through a personal letter to fans, the letter has since gone viral.

On January 1, the actor shared the letter, the first part of it is an apology to the fans who were startled by the news an the second part of explains the crush he’s had on IU and how he’s happy he’s now with her.

Read his letter below!

“Hello, this is Jong Suk. I received a big award and I’m sorry I couldn’t personally express my gratitude to the fans separately, so I’m leaving a message late like this.
It’s been a long time since I last wrote a letter.
I’m really sorry for surprising you at the end of the year. Thank you to the fans who cheered and supported me on site at the awards ceremony, wondering if I was going to cry.
What I really wanted to say to you is that I’m still grateful to the fans who consistently shown me love and supportted even though I’m still shy and not very experienced even as I get older.
The more I talk, the more nervous I get and I forget the most important thing. Thank you again and I’m sorry.”

In the 2nd part of the letter, he explains more about how they came to be and how he’s always had a crush on her, he wrote,

and I was really surprised when I read the article yesterday .. Today’s article is about that friend.
In my mid-20s, I had my first encounter with her and something like a puppy love, but there was also a regret that I couldn’t make it bigger. After spending a long time as a friend, it has now come to this.
I want to explain well …
What should I say .. Even though I lived working hard as I am, I always felt like a strange friend in the corner of my heart. I think our fans will understand if I talk like this, but to me, it was a presence like Kang Dan (the character from his drama “Romance is a Bonus Book”) to me.
She’s an amazing person who helps me with my path and life concerns.
She is someone I can rely on, like a younger, but sometimes feels older, and is like a grown adult, but she is also a great friend whom I want to protect.
She makes me want to be a better person.
I have to introduce her well but this is the first time for me, so I am worried that fans might have been really surprised and maybe a bit upset.
I hope you will watch over us warmly.”

IU has also addressed fans with her own personal letter, read it here.

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