Lee Jong Suk Summoned To Enlist On The 10th Of August, What Happens Now?

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Various news sites and sources have been stating that Lee Jong Suk is set to join the military this upcoming August 10th.

The popular actor has been preparing to enlist as a social worker, he is born 1989 and must enlist this year or early next year, but it turns out that he has already been summoned.

YG confirmed the news but remained ambiguous about what to come next, they commented,

“He did receive the summon, but nothing has yet been confirmed about his enlistment date.”

This comes as a problem due to the fact that the new military law doesn’t allow celebrities to delay their military enlistment date as they wish.

According to the new amendment that was passed earlier this year, ensures that all Korean citizens are treated alike when enlisting to the military.

Back in the days, idols were able to delay their military enlistment date to better fit their busy schedules, the law will be enforced starting September 2017, which is less than a month away.

Whether Lee Jong Suk is able to skip this or not remains a hot topic or debate among fans and netizens alike. This is a huge problem to Lee Jong Suk since the actor is currently very busy with his projects.

Lee Jong Suk has recently finished filming his highly anticipated drama “while you were sleeping”, they started filming back in February earlier this year.

The actor is also very busy promoting his movie comeback in 3 years “V.I.P” which is supposed to be released to theatres this August. The actor was supposed to intensively promote both his movie and his upcoming drama before enlisting. A more detailed response of YG is yet to be released.

Are you sad to let go of Lee Jong Suk

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